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Broadcast Your Church Service to Your Homebounds  Live Every Sunday 

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1-800-504-1391 ext 2


1-800-504-1391 ext 2 

 Schools we have new Broadcasting Services for you, and Presents:


Lightcast is available to any church anywhere in the US and has been for many years.



Mike McKenzie on Lightcast (a flash audio page)



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Lightcast is Your Homebounds' & Shut-ins' and Care-Givers' New Church Connection

  Let Them Listen to a Class or the Sanctuary Services LIVE and within Church Budgets


To All Those Using or  Looking at 

Lightcast Virtual Church

Thank you for Remembering

Your Church's Home-Bounds  and their Care-Givers! 


Lightcast Has Been Helping Churches and Homebounds

Since 2003


Dear Care-Giver, Church Member, Minister, Pastor, Deacon, Church Administrator:


What if I could show you a way to reconnect your missing Care-Givers and Homebounds to your church at very low costs compared to radio and TV, would this be of interest to your church and outreach ministries? In this case an in-reach. And, what if I could show you how to do all that, with some simple inexpensive pieces of equipment and services almost anyone could operate and any church budget for?


It's no secret that tele-broadcasting has been used for decades to send out messages to many people at once. However, we now have a live feed and the right equipment to make it easy and economical for the Care-Givers and Homebounds to listen in real time. Make no mistake, this does not cost a Care-Giver or HomeBound a penny, it is a church ministry tool supplied by the Church.


We have taken unique broadcasting equipment, it is attached to your sound system (and even to those without a sound systems), we have an audio-cast bridge everyone dials into, we have a few national telecom networks for toll free services and we also made a new simple home telephone receiver for those at home. All these components to allow Churches to broadcast to their Care-Givers, Homebounds and displaced members any of its Church services from Sunday mornings to cantatas to plays to weddings to Wednesday nites and Sunday night services. We have being doing this for churches nationwide for over 5 years now. This is what we do.



If your are receiving this via FAX or mail from a friend, see this website to access the links below. 


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It is just this simple. We provide all service and equipment needed. We walk you through connecting the service.




 Dialing in is a matter of pressing the "on" button and then the "church" button on our Home Receivers.


 Try our Dial-in Demonstration of Lightcast Virtual Church

A simple phone call or try it on a speaker phone. Take a listen to a short loop of audio. Just dial 1-866-865-2278 ext 1.

church broadcasting

 Our Lightcast Home Receiver Kits have more clarity and volume than any type speaker phones we have tested. We had these especially made for Lightcasting. However, you can use your own phones as well.


Joan Brown of Eastmont Baptist Church speaks about Lightcast, she and her care-giver listen to their church every Sunday morning and also special events at her church. (a flash audio page)




  For 5 Years Many at Home have said:

The Lightcast Live audio connection creates a much stronger connection than a 3 day old cassette "especially when the Pastor mentions my name Sunday morning. I know am a part of my Church again and its much easier than working a CD or DVD and most importantly it is live. I thank the Church each Sunday for providing this for me."



church broadcast Turn CareGivers and Home-Bound members back into active members.

church broadcast Allow temporary Homebound, Students or those on Military leave to dial in and worship.

church broadcast Broadcast your services to anyone you choose.

church broadcast Broadcast any type services  from Sunday Services - Weddings - Cantatas - Plays - Classes - Administrative Meetings.

church broadcast Call us about creating recordings and MP3 downloads of broadcasts

church broadcast Class members can sponsor for as little as 5 cents a day per Homebound.

church broadcast Allow them connections from Hospital or Nursing Homes or even Internationally.


church broadcast I now know we need to review this. Send me to how we can receive pricing and promotional information.


Sunday School Classes are now sponsoring those at Home nationwide

and helping create the joyous feeling of reconnecting them to church. Our average church has 5 Homebounds, so even though 3 or 4 may not seem like hardly enough in your church they still need LIVE church interaction with and authentic reconnection to their home town church.


  Your church service is worth listening to Live. Let your church leader over Home-bound's know there are less costly alternatives to Radio.



Emphasize a sense of belonging for those left at home and create new relevant ministries with "Visit and Listen Ministries.” As simple as  visiting with a hymnal or program and listening to the service with your Home-bounds and Care-Givers using this Lightcast system.



As Seen in  Pastors Resources Guide ( click for closer view)


church broadcast

Many of your church’s Homebounds and Care-Givers need to participate in a live church service for inspiration, spiritual growth, meaningful worship and just a feeling of being involved.
Let the joy of providing this to them be yours. Intentionally re-energize your lost members with Live Church Services.


"Lightcasting is relevant and authentic because your Church's live interactive service creates a Presence that really does matter."


"I would like to thank God and Lightcast for offering such a powerful, yet simple inexpensive, and convenient ministry tool for churches!"

church broadcasting
Bro. Johnny Baker 
Fairview Baptist Church
Waynesburg, Kentucky

" I would like to thank God and Lightcast for offering such a powerful, yet simple inexpensive, and convenient ministry tool for churches! The impact of just the first Sunday service to our shut-ins has paid great spiritual rewards for those whom received the service and our church for providing it at no cost to them. There were tears shed and just an overwhelming feeling of love from the Lord through the members of Fairview in the use of this wonderful technology. I believe that many more through the years will sign on for this and churches in our area are finding out about it and inquiring. It has truly shown the shut-in members as well as the community that we "CARE" for all of our members, not just those who are physically present in the services. May God bless and use this ministry to His glory!."


LifeWay Christian Resources   

Thom S. Rainer, President




 More Lightcast References and Testimonials (link)


  Allow them to listen to Church service or a Class from anywhere in the nation and for a fraction of the cost of a radio ministry.


Lightcast Virtual Church

  When church budgets are tight Sunday School classes help Home-bounds: Adopt-a-Homebound Ministry. For as little as a nickel a day per class member, one class can fund a Home-bounds weekly connection. Have your classes become involved in a Homebound in-reach.


   It's a spiritual outreach, it’s fellowship and it’s ministering beyond the pews, in real time with no high tech worries.

church broadcast I now know we need to review this. Send me to how we can receive pricing and promotional information.

Have your church call or email us about our available Home Receiver Kit evaluation program and let them listen and test one of our services. Contact us soon as we have limited evaluation kits and will need to schedule your church for this simple test.


 church homebounds need lightcast

See our No Risk Trial Offer and Guarantee (link)



Your satisfaction is important, and we guarantee it when you order Lightcast Virtual Church Services and we back it with a no risk, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee under our 8 Week Trial. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with this product, just contact us within the 8th week and we will refund 100% of your purchase price for the equipment that you ship back. No need for explanations or excuses, just let us know and I'll refund your full purchase price. Any services agreements may be canceled during the 8th week.

8 Important Facts About A



Fact #1 -

There are over 10 million people in nursing homes in the U.S. today and over ½ were Church members but they are now isolated

 Fact #2 -

There are approx 6 million chronic home-bounds in the U.S. and ½ of them want to be at their church but they are now isolated.

 Fact #3 -

There are approx 5 million temporary home-bounds in the U.S. and ½ of them want to be at their church but they are now isolated.

Fact #4 -

 There are over 20 million people in U.S. hospitals each year and over ½ are Church members but they are now isolated.

Fact #5 -

There are over 50 million people in U.S.providing care for the chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend during any given year. US. DHHS 2004

Fact #6 -

30% of family caregivers caring for seniors are themselves aged 65 or over; another 15% are between the ages 45-54, so 45% are 45 years or older. The value in time, e.g. 17% are providing 40+ hours, is equal to $306 billion a year. US DHHS 2001, NAC and AARP 2004

Fact #7 -

People over 65 are expected to increase at a 2.3% rate.

Fact #8 -

Family caregivers comprise of 13% of the workforce.




Lightcast Virtual Church - Step One

Email us, Call us or Fill in your email below for more Promotions we are offering. See email form below. Also download our one page FAX info (link) feel free to fax this to those interested.

Lightcast Virtual Church - Step Two

Download our Free PDF files on "How to Start and Fund a New Technology Ministry"  see below.

For Lightcast Advocates meeting with Deacons, Elders, Committees, Councils, Church Leadership or Staff we have worked with a number of pastors and ministers around the country and came up with some steps to designing and presenting a new technical ministry. These could apply to many different types of  technical ministries. We use Lightcast as an example to explain the methods. See free Guide offer below.

Lightcast Virtual Church - Step Three

Assemble the right people in the church to review your Lightcast information and come to a decision on what to do next. Feel free to have one of our representatives call in and explain the services.

If you would like a PowerPoint Show (.pps file) as well. We can burn it CD and send it to you (see offer below). Or Download it here (link) (2.6MB) Once download just play in MS PowerPoint and scroll through with your up and down arrows or allow it to auto-play. Or this is an easy to print  PDF of the Show (link)

For the latest free Adobe Reader to read these documents above try:

We have worked with Google to provide an on-line PowerPoint Google-Lightcast sometimes this takes time to load,

Lightcast Virtual Church - Step Four

Call Lightcast and order the Equipment and number of ports for Lightcast Virtual Church services. Begin the 8 Week Trial.



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To Your Success in Reaching Your Homebounds and Care-Givers,


Edward Baker

CEO and Founder

Lightcast Networks

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in Atlanta dial 678-339-2326 ext 2

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P.S. have my 100% Risk Free 8 Week Trial Guarantee - still keep the bonus Guide as our gift - if after 8-weeks of using this simple, yet quality broadcasting system you're not satisfied - Send us back the equipment and I'll refund your questions asked.   See our No Risk Trial Offer and Guarantee (link) for details.

P.P.S.  Send our link to other Churches which may really need reconnections to their Homebounds. Tell them to mention your name and we will donate a Home Receiver Kit to your church iwhen they sign up. 

P.P.P.S.  Test drive Lightcast today with our Home Receiver evaluation program! Have your Church Call us soon as these are booking up.

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Please choose the way that is b­est for you.

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International Callers Dial
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